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Bacteria & Viruses

Spread over untreated Air from one person to another and may cause serious health problems

Fine Dust

Chokes the Lungs and nasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract, may result as irritation, nausea and bronchitis

Poor Ventilation

Increased levels of CO2 and other harmful gases as VOCs, CO, NO2 etc may result as drowsiness, headache and long term health cavities


Air Quality Consultant

Aerate and its highly competent team provides independent professional advice along with assessment report covering all air ambience quality analysis.
Established in 2014, Aerate has a strong and proven track record in providing air quality services to private & public sector clients, both within India & internationally

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Only fully engineered approach can give most effective solution to meet your specific requirement.

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If something is not scientifically proven, then it’s a theory.

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Next Generation Product Line
Wide Varity: Home, Office, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Industries
Latest Technology: Multistage Filters, FilterLess Cold Plasma Sterilizers, Photo Catalytic Coatings and UVGI Sterilizers
Application: Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Induct and AHU
Safe: AHM and CE certified, Verified from various international labs
Audit and Consulting
Site Survey, Air Quality Analysis using professional equipment, AQI Reporting in comparison of NAAQS, Consultancy for preventive and corrective actions, Advice for right product selection
TurnKey Solutions
End 2 End solution management covering customer needs and in alignment of budget Customized and tailored solution including survey, product selection, installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance. We ensure AQI is maintained to required levels
Managed Service
Complete Air Quality management up to required levels, Usage based payment options, Customer don’t have to worry about product and maintenance, Different Opex Models
Under our Corporate Responsibility, spread awareness of Air Pollution, Free Facemask distribution, Roadshows and campaign, Free Air Purifier distribution to Old-age Home, Presentations in Schools

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